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Linda Daly Baker, AWS-df, NWS

Composition, Design, & Creative Mentoring

Linda Daly Baker, AWS-df, NWS

So.....why me?  Why would you trust me?


Since 1989 I have been a full time professional artist starting with honing my skills, seeking clients, dealing with galleries, and corporate agents!!  I then moved on to the print world with offset lithos and as soon as the technology was available, I purchased my own wide image printer and created my own giclees'. 

Through the same agent my entire career, he put me in over 120 galleries in a three state radius.  I next got connected with the east coast and produced calendars for Martha's Vineyard.  From there, started entering shows, winning awards, being asked to teach, and eventually becoming invited to jury.

Today, I am internationally known 

ONE reason only!!  I have been in this crazy game my entire adult life!! 

 as an artist, teacher, and juror with a silly string of initials that I am personally a bit proud of.   So.....come along with me and learn how to handle all the insane experiences of the art world and maybe we will both learn something along the way!                                                 



      Personal Critique

Monthly issued sessions including critiques, lessons, stories, videos, photos, quotes,  experts, tips, & all things art! 

One time fee for a private one-on-one session by phone, email, or Zoom including career advice, marketing,  & critiquing

Monthly Subscription - $ 10 US

       Shared Critique

One time fee for a critique that appears in the monthly session and enjoyed by all subscription members including before and after shots

One time critque -  $ 100 US 

Shared Public Critique  $ 50 US 

....You were always so good one on one and there was always such a diversity in your workshops.  I think you helped me the most with design and encouragement....."

Georgia Mason


Linda Daly Baker, AWS-df, NWS

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