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Linda Daly Baker, AWS-df, NWS

Composition is KING!

Check List for Creating a Pleasing Composition

  • Does the painting have order?
  • Does it have harmony and unity?
  • Not Divided horizontally or vertically in half- no distractions?
  • Are all Four corners different?

  • Are they each interesting?

  • Each of 4 quadrants interesting - could they stand alone?

  • Subject in the center of a  quadrant & not DEAD center?

  • Are there Arrows directing you out of the painting?

  • Center of interest or focal point - correct placement?

  • Is the focal point obvious?

  • Is there a secondary focal point?

  • Compatible colors? Analogous? Discordant? Compliments?

  • Use of triangles in shapes? Colors?

  • Is there a Diagonal thrust?

  • Elements & principles well used?

  • Is there Contrast?  Is there a dominance in contrast?

  • Dominance of temperature? 

  • Mystery & intrique?

  • Interesting subject? Relatable?

  • Personal vision?

  • Is there transportation through the painting - does your eye wander?

  • Not too much happening at the edges?  

  • Hard & soft edges?  Rough against smooth?  Lost against found?

  • Did you build the composition - not just discover it?

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